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Last update 29 September, 2019

Stolen Horse Trailer in Hampshire

Reported and circulated on Face Book by Hampshire Fire & Rescue Service. Horse Trailer was stolen from Hampshire Fire & Rescue Service, Lyndhurst. Date: Saturday 2nd - Sunday 3rd February 2019

Crime Reference: not known

This trailer was converted by a Hampshire Horsewatch into an office and is not suitable for towing of horses or any other animal. The trailer was gifted in 2015 to HF&RS for training purposes by their Large Animal Rescue Team.

Given the trailer's high profile and unsuitability for towing it is highly probable that it was stolen for scrap metal value.

Please keep a look out for this trailer. Any sighting please contacts the police by dialling 101.

Readers are reminded to report all crime to the police no matter how small or insignificant. If crime is not reported it is not recorded and therefore crime figures as published by Government or other authorities are artificially low!

Additionally inform Hampshire Horsewatch on [email protected] so we can assist with circulation, advise as appropriate.

The Police will not inform Hampshire Horsewatch of your crime! You will note that the stolen trailer was circulated by HF&RS.

Hampshire Constabulary Country Watch only provides historical equine related crime information on a monthly arrangement.




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