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Last update 1 February, 2022


Rural Times

The latest (Autumn) Rural Times from Hampshire Constabulary is here


HAMPSHIRE HORSEWATCH would like to inform you of a web site called Farmwatcher UK. This web site provides information about rural crime. 

Farmwatcher also provides emails and text alerts about rural crime. Based in Durham area FarmwatcherUK draws on information submitted from Police Forces around the country. Not all Police Forces participate but information received and circulated provides an insight as to what is occurring regarding rural crime around the country.

As always it has to be remembered that thieves especially Organised Criminals will travel throughout regions. Not all crime is committed by local people to the area where crime is committed.

 Sign up for FarmWatcherUK, it is free. You will then get information which may assist you and others to prevent, deter crime. Use the link to join and share with your friends or others you feel will benefit from receiving Farmwatcher UK information.  The link.


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