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Last update 14 November, 2017

Please see the attached link regarding a stolen puppy.

The theft of specific breed of dogs is more prevalent these days. Thieves invariably fall into two camps,  opportunistic or organised. The opportunist thief will steal whenever or wherever opportunity presents itself.  The organised thief will do his/her homework and target a specific location and steal.

Maybe in this incident the thief/thieves stole Buzz as a second thought? Their intention being to steal other items.

Dog owners, especially the owner of coveted breeds  must remain attentive of their animals security all the time. It is appreciated that as with horses this is not always possible. However It is not unknown for dogs to be stolen from cars, gardens, pens.    Even in his own home  Buzz was not safe.

Please forward the above link to ensure that Buzz's theft and description is circulated far and wide.

Thanks for your help.

Please go to the Crime Prevention page for advice on how to minimise the risk of your horse being stolen.

Remember go to to look for stolen horses. 

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