Supporting Hampshire Constabulary with Crime Prevention

Supporting Hampshire Fire and Rescue with Fire Safety


Hampshire Horsewatch

 The current Hampshire Horsewatch scheme was created in 2000. It is a totally voluntary scheme operated and managed by a small and dedicated team of individuals. It functions for the benefit of the equine community.  Hampshire Horsewatch functions independently to other organisations. Hampshire Horsewatch historically has enjoyed a close working relationship with Hampshire Constabulary and continues to support the Force. Likewise the Force offers Hampshire Horsewatch its support. Hampshire Horsewatch promotes the need for preventative measures so the equine community, individually or otherwise does not become a victim. Membership is free to both children and adults.  There is no joining fee and no annual subscription.  Membership provides you with support, advice and information on protecting your horses, equipment, land, vehicles and other property. This support encompasses a variety of disciplines not just crime prevention or reduction.  Hampshire Horsewatch through attendance supports many equine events throughout a year. It also organises an annual horse show in the spring.

The success of Hampshire Horsewatch is very much down to the members, whose involvement can be as great as time, interest and other commitments permit.  In many ways “just being there” counts for so much, however many members elect to do more by becoming Local Co-ordinators.

Local Co-ordinators

Local co-ordinators are an important link in the success of Hampshire Horsewatch, whose primary aim is preventative measures. This includes the reduction and prevention of equine related crime, fire prevention, road safety and awareness. Local coordinators are at the grass roots of the equine community and play an invaluable role in sharing information between the equine community, Hampshire Horsewatch and those organisations who are involved with equine and rural activity.

Regional Co-ordinators

Until recently Hampshire Horsewatch had an upper layer of contact between the local coordinator and the Committee. This contact was known as a Regional coordinator. However due to a lack of volunteers wishing to take on this role it has been disbanded.

Hampshire Horsewatch Equine Liaison Officer

To assist the Committee and to provide an element of referral to local coordinators a new role of Equine Liaison Officer has been introduced. Those fulfilling the role invariably have police background experience?

Hampshire Constabulary

Hampshire Horsewatch supports Hampshire Constabulary and the work of Country Watch which has the lead for Rural Policing in the two counties. . For more information about policing in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight contact Hampshire Constabulary. Contact via the telephone dial 101 or visit

The police service within Hampshire and the Isle of Wight seeks to engage closer to its communities. For further information check out: under the section “Your Local Policing Team”.

Country Watch

Hampshire Constabulary polices rural matters through its Country Watch scheme. See under Rural Policing for more information.

Hampshire Alert

Please ensure that you take a look at or  sign up to live and instant messages. The alert system is straight forward and you can receive all the relevant information you require, plus additional information on topics of interest which has previously been unavailable to you.
Hampshire Alert will have great benefits for you. Hampshire Alert will provide residents with live updates on suspicious vehicles, vulnerable or suspicious people, current crime trends; security alerts etc.… the possibilities are endless. All these alerts are still sent to your chosen e-mail account.  In addition you can tailor what information you receive by specifying your areas of interest such as shooting, farming, game keeping, equine, dog owner, amongst many more.  Hampshire Alert gives you the platform to reply to the sender and provide additional information about the given Alert. You can even rate the relevance of the Alert, whether it was useful, was the content beneficial and clear etc. By providing feedback and rating the relevance of the Alert Hampshire Constabulary can ensure that it delivers the right information.

UK Horsewatch Alliance

Hampshire Horsewatch and a number of other county representatives of Horsewatch groups united several years ago to create “UK Horsewatch Alliance”.  The group work constructively together as an Alliance of Horsewatch Schemes.  As other counties join the Alliance so strengthening the ability to communicate and network on equine related matters where it concerns crime reduction and other preventative measures will improve. The web site for the group is From this platform
you can search for links to other Horsewatch schemes.

Reporting Crime

Non-emergencies call 101

Use this number to report a non-emergency crime or to give information to Hampshire Constabulary. Call 0044 1865 841148 to contact Hampshire Constabulary from outside of the United Kingdom.

In an emergency call 999 - It is an emergency when a crime is being committed, there is a risk of injury and/or there is a risk of serious damage to property.

Textphone users call 18000 This number enables deaf, hard-of-hearing and speech-impaired people to contact the emergency services using a textphone.

How to use Text Relay (opens new window), the UK’s text to voice relay service

Deaf, hard of hearing and speech-impaired people can use the RNID emergencySMS service (opens new window) to make emergency contact by text message (SMS) to the police.

If you don't want to speak directly to the police you can contact the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or online at No personal details are taken, information is not traced or recorded and you will not go to court

Contact Hampshire Horsewatch

To Contact Hampshire Horsewatch e-mail: [email protected] or telephone
07762 754788. This phone is held by a member of Hampshire Horsewatch Team

To contact a member of Hampshire Horsewatch Equine Liaison Officer Team call 07867 972868