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Open letter to individuals considering becoming local co-ordinators.

Thank you for your enquiry about the voluntary role of a local co-ordinator for Hampshire Horsewatch.  You are referred to information entitled Aide Memoire which may assist you in carrying out the role of local co-ordinator.  If you have any questions after reading it please don’t hesitate to contact me. A local Co-ordinator’s card will be forwarded to you by the Membership Secretary.

After reading the information pack the next thing to do is decide which “local” area you would like to look after.  Do you want to look after just your own yard or include your immediate neighbours? Perhaps you have sufficient spare time and confidence to look after a larger area?  By “looking after” we mean that you will ensure that the equine community in your chosen area is kept informed about Hampshire Horsewatch and provide them with equine & crime prevention information, assistance as and when necessary. In most cases referrals will, in all probability, come back to Hampshire Horsewatch or other organisations such as the police or animal welfare. If there is any doubt then make contact using any of the telephone numbers or email addresses below.

I would appreciate it if you could contact me within a month of reading this letter to let me know whether you accept the challenge of this rewarding and enjoyable community work and if you do which area you would like to cover.  I can be contacted on mobile 07867 972868 or email enquiries@hampshirehorsewatch and [email protected]

An alternative point of contact is Taylor Young. He can be contacted on the Hampshire Horsewatch mobile phone 07762 754788

I look forward to welcoming you to the team.

Best wishes,


David Collings

Hampshire Horsewatch co- ordinator
Hampshire Horsewatch Committee