Supporting Crime Prevention along with Hampshire Constabulary

Promoting Fire Safety along with Hampshire Fire and Rescue

 Fire Safety at the Stable/Barn

Smoking - The no smoking rule around stables should be strictly adhered to by everyone, no exceptions. Post signage where they are easily visible and allocate a designated smoking area with sand bucket for extinguishing cigarette butts.

Fire Extinguishers - They should be checked annually and recharged by a professional, everyone should be trained on how to use a fire extinguisher. It’s recommended that fire extinguishers should be placed by the electrical box and at regular intervals around the yard/barn. Fire extinguishers should be next to each barn exit.

Water - In the event of a fire, an external water supply is essential for fire fighters. Make sure you have one.

Electrics – all electrics, wiring, lighting etc. should be installed and checked by a professional electrician. Any electrical equipment, e.g. clippers etc. should be unplugged after use and stored safely.

Hay and Straw – should be stored away from the stables/ barn. Particular attention should be paid to the storage of newly cut hay which can reach temperatures of 150 degrees or higher.
Tidyness – cobwebs and loose straw/hay, for example, can help the spread of fire. Baling twine should be removed from the vicinity of stables/barns and stored elsewhere or safely disposed of.
Doors and Passageways – should always be accessible and kept unblocked even those that are not in use. Check that doors open freely and easily.